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Hi beautifuls, My name is Pajzong Yang.

I've struggled since my teenage years with acne, uneven skin tone, acne scars, and you name it. I've just about tried every product or home remedy with unfortunate conclusions. I almost gave up, but the resilient side of me began searching for a team to research and put together active ingredients to combat my issues. With years of research and evaluating some of the highest quality ingredients, they successfully perfected products to our highest standard with promising results. With these promising results, I've finally regained a flawless and rejuvenated look, which boosted my confidence agelessly. I thought to myself, "It's just unnatural and what a difference!"

Our team's endless effort has provided visible results to a high majority and impacted many. Not only that, we wanted to be as safe as possible with the choice of our ingredients for you. So, all products were lab tested, animal cruelty free, rid of harmful ingredients, and finally FDA registered. I've been down the same road as many of you, and I understand how you feel; That's why I want to help! My life's journey now is to help struggling people, just like myself, shine with a new build confidence through skin care!!!!

PZY owner
PZY products


My main focus in my skin care line is to restore your skin back to your normal pH level and protecting your skin barrier from the inside out. That's how we will help you achieve healthy skin. And I truly believe that our New Upgraded Skincare products will definitely help with all of your skin concerns and will help you achieve more confident in your own skin. Since our products are rid of ingredients such as alcohol, Parabens, Fragrance, minerals, and Steroil, it is definitely safe  for all skin types. Give it a try and you just might love it!

As a licensed Esthetician, I also take pride in helping others in loving themselves to unlock a different level of confident. I truly believe that skin care is amongst some of the the most important part of self-love. It is just like food you give to your skin, the healthier the selection, the healthier your skin becomes. Nothing makes you more confident than a clear and healthy looking skin. 

Kuv yog Ntxhais hmoob thiab ntseeg tau tias txoj kev zoo Nkauj yog los ntawv yus cev nqaij daim tawv. Kuv zoo siab yuav los muab kuv txoj kev Paub kev Kawm coj los Pab peb ib tsoov hmoob kom Txhua Leej zoo siab rau yus tus kheej. 


If you are pregnant, please consult with your doctor before using PZY Products. 


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